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What is DropShipping
a beginners guide

Everyday we get the same questions - what to dropship, is dropshipping for me, how to dropship, is dropshipping the same as wholesale selling and more. However before we get to the question of what to dropship, we need to consider what dropshipping is and how it works. So lets start with that:

Dropshipping is a form of inventory fulfillment whereby a third party company (the dropshipper) provides logistic and fulfillment services directly to your customers. In plain terms, they do all the shipping and inventory warehousing so you dont have to.

Typically dropship companies focus on a specific industry where they can provide webstore owners and others a list of products that the webstore owner can add to their website. In Bangalla's case over 15,000 products are on their dropship list all available for webstore owners to sell. The webstore owner takes the product list and elects which or all of those items they want to add to their website. They then add the products and market them. When they receive an order for a given product they pass the order back to the dropshipper at which time the dropshipper packs the product and ships it to the webstore owners customer. So in essence, the dropshipper acts like your own warehouse and shipping depot.

Many dropship companies use what we call blind dropshipping. This simply means that the shipping label placed on the box has the webstore owners company name on it. Otherwise the dropshipper's name or some nebulous name like "warehouse 1" is used. We always recommend blind dropshipping to avoid confusion in the mind of the customer receiving the product plus it helps build brand loyalty to the webstore owner who took the original order.

One of the big frustrations webstore owners often run into is the time required to list products on their website and to keep those products up to date. Most dropship companies assist this process by providing their data in excel / csv / or xml formats to allow webstore owners a variety of means to keep their websites up todate. However, the onus is on the dropshipper to list items correctly and then keep them in or out of stock.

Bangalla has recently launched a new webstore option where webstore owns can have a fully automated product loading and weekly stock update process. This takes all the product management out of the equation and allows the webstore owner to focus on marketing and sales. As a top dropshipper Bangalla has pioneered many new advancements to help make life easier for its dropship customers and we expect many new things in the year ahead.

So to start out we always recommend people find a dropshipper in the product segment they are interested in. Load one or two items and see how easy stock loading and management is with your ecommerce store. Discuss dropshipping terms and refund policies with your dropshipper so you know the policies upfront and confirm shipping prices. Once you are comfortable then start to load more products until you reach the number you want to sell.

But remember what to dropship and how to dropship are interrelated questions. If you dont understand the how to portion then the question of what to dropship becomes irrelevant as you will become bogged down simply trying to get your website to work the way you want it.


Bangalla Organic is a leader in the dropshipping of organic food and healthy items. We have been dropshipping and providing online services to online merchants for over 7 years. Bangalla dropships over 15,000 organic products across the US/Canada. So if you are interested in drop shipping of food lines then please contact us for more details.

Good luck with your dropship adventures and your online sales!

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